Distinctive Rugs & Treasures of the Silk Road

Tibetan Hybrid Collection

For more than three decades, InnerAsia has led the way in the design and creation of some of the world’s most exquisite Tibetan rugs. Once again, InnerAsia has taken the lead in translating the artistry of Tibet’s rug weaving heritage into a collection of rugs that combines the best of this tradition with innovation and technology. The rugs in the Tibetan Hybrid Collection are the first rugs of its kind to be woven on mechanized looms and their exacting attention to detail and masterful interplay of color and texture, brilliantly capture the essence and appeal of Tibetan hand crafted carpets.  Rug experts and authoritative dealers in high quality handmade and machine made carpets have been “wowed” by the feel and texture of these hybrid rugs and are excited about their wider availability and attractive price point.  InnerAsia’s Tibetan Hybrid Collection includes 29 designs of all wool and wool with bamboo silk highlights in contemporary, traditional and arts and crafts designs.   For more information or to place an order please click on Tibetan Hybrid Collection